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A Melknificent Cookie Story

As a young girl, I reveled in the art of cookie baking.  Luckily, my mom gave me free reign to experiment in the kitchen.  Since then, it's been my mission to make family and friends happy with fresh-baked cookies.  The result is the melknificent cookies in each package of MelkandCookies!  A labor of love, from my kitchen to yours.  Homemade cookies, made-from-scratch in small batches, for your convenience.

                                                                                                        Rochel Melka
Founder & President

Behind Every Great Cookie

MelkandCookies Founder and President, Rochel Melka, has been spreading joy with her cookies since she was a young girl.  MelkandCookies was launched on the principle that serving family and friends home-baked cookies is an act of love and a nod to simpler, uncomplicated times.

As a mother, grandmother, homemaker, and entrepreneur, Rochel has launched two succcessful businesses focused on high quality and personal service. She admits to being obsesssed with cookies, and has been baking twice a week ever since she was a teenager. Since many cookies bake flat, Rochel spent months perfecting the recipe for the hallmark fluffy texture of a MelkandCookies cookie.

Together with husband Bill, the MelkandCookies concept is a reflection of a life together steeped in strong family ties, four children, two son-in-laws, six grandchildren, big Sunday meals around the table, friends galore, faith, a farmhouse, a triathlon here and there, a tractor, and homegrown pumpkins.

With a 'can-do" work ethic and help from this fun and boisterous cookie crew, Rochel Melka has succeeded in bringing a dream to fruition.  Entrepreneurial to the bone, she has that rare mix of fearlessness and humility - making the MelkandCookies story a rallying cry for anyone who ever thought about changing their course midstream.  Her motto: "You don't have to be the smartest, the fastest or the best educated one, just the one who will work the hardest to follow a passion."

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